There is no entrepreneur in history who has not been called crazy or ridiculous, the clearest example of modern times being Steve Jobs, a source of inspiration for our project.

Steve Jobs said:

"Deciding what not to do, is as important as deciding what to do".

"You have to do something you are passionate about because otherwise you will not be able to persevere."

The Lawyer's House - GO & LAW -, proposes a close environment, fleeing from the standards of decadent and conventional physical spaces, fleeing from being greeted by three people before being able to talk to the lawyer, fleeing from endless tables, but above all fleeing from the feeling that going to see the lawyer is more serious than the problem that takes us.

We want to eliminate everything that is superfluous in our profession, all those clichés that for so many years have been considered as a measure of the level of a lawyer, because we are convinced that by doing so we eliminate everything that makes you uncomfortable.

We put all the technology at your service so that your time comes first. We prioritize proximity above all to create a genuine relationship and work as a team.