By the way, who are we?

When change is not lived as an option, but as a necessity, as a way of understanding life and the profession, and when you cannot do without your values, it is then when you can say that "we are not only lawyers but people who practice law".

We believe in the authentic and in specialization and it is for this reason that GO & LAW is born, Criminal Law and Transport Law together hand in hand, to offer you a CONSULTANCY OF ANTICIPACCIÓ. For this reason we also count on our collaborators in Commercial and Bankruptcy Law, Labor Law, Tax Law and Patents and Trademarks.

We are convinced that "it is only when confronted that it is not necessary to copy".


We can assist you in other countries as we have agreements with international law firms, especially in the USA, as we are associated with the New York law firm (law firm specialized in maritime law).


Alfons Esteve - Lawyer

Alfons Esteve - Lawyer


M: +34 931258799


Teresa Vallverdú - Lawyer

Teresa Vallverdú - Lawyer


M: (+34) 690 773 721