Book: Maritime transport


Key elements, contracts and insurance
Maritime transport is a key element of the global supply chain. The capacity and versatility offered by ships, the safety and efficiency achieved through the use of the container, allow worldwide coverage for transporting all types of goods.

This book details the elements involved in the maritime transport chain, and describes the infrastructures and professional figures involved in this activity: the shipping company, the stevedore, the consignee, the freight forwarder, etc. Another relevant aspect that is examined in depth is the different types of ships according to the goods they carry. A legal and juridical section presents an exhaustive study of contracts, insurance and the incidents that may occur in transportation. All this allows to obtain a complete vision of the requirements and eventualities that loading companies and transport operators must contemplate, especially at the moment of formalizing the contracting of services.

This book is an extremely useful and functional reference manual that offers professionals and students the necessary knowledge to train and optimize the management of maritime transport.
          A comprehensive and didactic vision of maritime transport.
          Legal and contractual analysis of transport insurance.
          Types and functions of transport contracts.
          Legal and preventive aspects of maritime accidents.