Criminal Law

Crimes against individuals and honor & privacy

Specialization in sexual assaults and abuse. Homicides and murders

Crimes in the family sphere & against public health

Gender violence, family abandonment and child abduction

Drug trafficking



Jury Court

Negotiated solution to criminal litigation

Opinions. Preventive criminal law

Corporate defense

International trade

We assist you in export / import operations, participating in the drafting or supervision of contracts: International sale and purchase, agency, distribution, drop-shipping, pigging-back. We help in the choice of incoterms, and means of payment (documentary remittances, documentary credit - in particular concerning the maximum delivery dates of documents -...). Drafting of L.O.I. (Letter of Intentions).

Oil - Gas - LNG - EN590 Contracts

We advise clients in procurement processes with refineries and traders in Oil-Gas-LNG-EN590 purchase contracts, among others.

We are familiar with the procedures carried out by refineries at the beginning of purchase procedures in which the viability of the client as such is studied (the so-called pre-qualification as client).

Transportation and logistic

- Consulting for obtaining a Transport Operator (TO) license, public transport card (MDL and MDP) and private transport.

- Warehousing contracts: Picking, packing & labeling, reverse logistics, physical and administrative entry of goods into the warehouse, responsibilities of the parties.

- Drafting and advising on international (CMR) and national (consignment note) road transport contracts. Completion of bookings, claims for damages and delays. Payment terms of the transport price. Direct action.

- Handling of delay files, occupations, stoppages, blank-sailing and damage to goods, among others.

- Consultancy in cases of endorsements -blank or nominatius- of B / L, and in negotiable and non-negotiable B / L (SWB), conditions of telex release and express release.

- Loss B / L

- Supervision of penalty clauses and obligations of the parties in contracts of carriage by air of cargo. Advice in case of cargo damage, or in the event that the goods are not loaded on the aircraft.


We are mediators with official title, registered in the Registry of the Ministry of Justice here in Spain. Mediation is a procedure that promotes the understanding of the parties and mainly, not to break the commercial relations of the parties.

Since we are official mediators, the agreements reached in this procedure are mandatory. If they are not fulfilled, you can go to court to initiate proceedings for the fulfillment of the agreement.


Domestic & International debt collection

Experience in debt collection (purchase and sale,...) at national and international level.

We have a network of international lawyers that provide us with security when making claims in other countries, mainly due to the existing deadlines for claims, types of procedures, etc.

Insurance in transportation

Identification of lack of coverage in cargo insurance policies taking into account the type of goods and commercial operation of the client. ICC clauses


Yacht purchase and sale, refit, flag and registration, sanctions and inspections, yacht charter and concierge.

Maritime labor law

Labor contracts between shipowner/airline company - crew, shipboarding, accidents at work and enlistments. Interpretation of the International Maritime Labor Convention ILO 2006, the Fishing Labor Convention, 2007 (No. 188) and the Paris Memorandum: Inspection of the Maritime Labor Convention.